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Vernon wez

wasteland degenerate

The second of three Ogryn models I worked on after converting and painting Nork Dedogg. For this one I went for the standard ogryn model, and then I watched Mad Max II... So obviously the red mohawk became a haunting necessity! After that quick bit of converting I got down to painting the beasty.


I knew I wanted to do lots of tattoos but had no idea what exactly or where they were going to be placed. So I painted the whole skin as if it was going to be left untouched so that wherever I chose to put some tattoos the rest of the skin work would look neat. Among the designs I made a sort of copy of one of my own tattoos, a weird tribal down his spine, a design inspired by some of O. Ledroits' vampire tattoos, as well as some "classic" designs such as the playing card, the compass star and the spider web on his elbow. I am particularly pleased with that spider web, I even managed to get the shading in as a tattoo artist would on a real life subject!

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