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What can I do for you?

Where to start? I have done my utmost to learn all I can concerning practically all the facets of the Hobby. I am therefore capable of offering a commission sculpting service, I can mould and cast those sculpts or any others you want (*), I happily take on painting commissions treating your prized pieces to the best of my abilities, and finally I can teach you and your friends how I work in hands-on private or group tuition courses. 

(*) please note that I DO NOT perform anything akin to "recasting". Only original creations for which you hold all the rights can be moulded and cast.

sculpture service

Can't find that special model? Need a custom part? Get it made for you!

I offer a quality miniature sculpting service ranging from 20mm all the way to 65mm full models, as well as 25mm to 65mm busts. I can equally create parts for a project you have on the go!
Other scales and projects open to discussion so don't hesitate to inquire!

commission sculpture
Of course once it has been sculpted then it can be cast!...
moulding & casting service
Moulding & Casting service

Created something awesome? Want to share that awesomness?
Get your creations out to those who matter!

I provide a professional grade resin moulding and casting service for small runs (5 to 50 casts typically).

Moulds are produced in a vacuum chamber to minimise the risk of imperfections; and casts are produced in a pressure tank for exactly the same reasons! 

commission moulding and casting

See any difference? No? Good! That means it is a good cast!

Cast this please!
You know what happens qfter casting? It needs a paintjob!
Commission painting service
commission painting service

Your favorite piece deserves the best paint job!

Whether for a private collection, company box art, or even as a gift for that special person: I provide high quality work with an extreme attention to details, textures, all the effects you could dream of, and of course custom basing to perfectly display your model!

commission painting
commission painting
But none of all this is rocket science: you could learn it all for yourself...
Private tuition (painting & sculpting)
tuition service

Love your Hobby? Want to get more out of it by improving your abilities? 
Individual or group sessions which can include any of the following:

- scenic basing creations
- introduction to airbrush techniques
- showcase painting tuition: take your favourite pieces to the next level!
- sculpture for conversion purposes: create those little details you feel your piece lacks!
- conversions and transformations: learn to create something unique every time!
- colour scheme creation and detailing of colour theory: the better to emphasise your most loved creations!

Whatever level you see yourself at, if you are an individual painter or a gaming / painting club, this is a great opportunity to discover new ways to approach your hobby!
This being first and foremost a hobby for all of us: everything is negotiable, from location to model(s) involved!

private painting tuition
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