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Crivens !

Rattling sniper

This little guy was found in the bottom of a box of random models I bought at a flea market for next to nothing. He was in a sorry state, covered in thick gloopy paint. He needed some love, and by love I mean a serious acetone bath and scrubbing!


Once he was as good as new I could get down to building a little base for him and putting some halfway decent paint on the whole thing. I loved the little terrain element that he was sculpted leaning against so decided to emphasize the idea that he was taking cover behind one of the only remaining bits of wall in the area. For this, I cut up a plastic profile into regular lengths to make extra bricks to spread all over the base. a few bits of "I" beams and some thick gritty flock helped to blend everything together before hitting the paint.

I have no idea what regiment he is from, or even if the color scheme is codex valid or not. To be honest I have never cared about that sort of thing and I'm not going to start now! I had this new pot of Ahriman Blue and wanted to test it... I thought the blue hue would be nicely complemented by the orange tones of the bricks. For the same reason, I gave him ginger hair. That face was quite a challenge in that it is really well sculpted so the paint job really had to emphasize the expression of anger on his face. I imagine him yelling pointless insults, in a sort of Scottish accent, at the enemy taking pot shots at him...

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