"Peregrinus you say? I know about the man ... Well, I know the name.
If you stay in this city long enough, you will hear many stories about him. But the truth, my friend, is that nothing is known about this man except that he guards a seemingly unimportant gate and has been doing so for longer than anyone can remember.
Some say that he does not sleep, others that there are actually several men who take turns to guard the gate, and that his massive cloak is designed to conceal the subter-... sufert-... subterf-... the trick.
Others say that he could be cursed, God knows for what crime! But that's all hearsay. Apparently the only valuable thing he owns is one intimidating sword, and his general attitude suggests that he is of noble
birth, but he has never spoken a word. To anyone. Ever.
We have seen adventurers arrive in the city over the years claiming to be looking for an obscure relic of a long-dead religion. 
They'll make their way to that damn tower and will never come back. But this Peregrinus still stands there stoically in front of that door like some ancient statue ... "

- Rolf the drunkard, in the Three Eyed Raven pub.


Number of parts: 1
Material(s): resin

Scale / size: 35mm


Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some preparation required.
Base and scenery not included.

Peregrinus the Cursed

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