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Primaris Sgt. of the Minotaur Chapter

I painted this primaris for the 30 years of WH40K painting competition at my local Hobby store. I'm not, and have never been, a fan of loyalist marines. Although some of the characters are gorgeous... I see Space Marine armour as a technical challenge: smooth volumes, little to no damage, and the fact that they are meant to be the "Mr. Squeaky Cleans" of the Imperium: all this limits the amount of camouflaging paint you can use to cover up less than perfect blending. Also, I don't like matt colored armour and most of the Astartes chapters have matt colour schemes... So I went for a gold NMM armour, using a recipe I had not yet tried so this was interesting, and then I had to find a suitable chapter. The Minotaurs seemed appropriate, I am a fan of spartan history and Greek mythology in general. 


The fresco was freely inspired by Cretan/Minoan palatial decorations, and the general colour scheme from red-faced greek pottery artefacts. 


For a one day project I'm happy, considering it took first place in the competition I'd say it was a day well spent...

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